Insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company where you agree to pay premiums in exchange for the insurer’s promise to compensate a loss or illness.  You are buying a promise that if called upon, needs to be made good.  No other product or service is purchased in this way. Insurance is an effective means of spreading risk to protect insureds against unforeseen loss. When claims are promptly and fairly paid, insurance adds value to our society.

Sometimes insurance carriers place profits over its legal and ethical obligation to fairly compensate its insureds. Their tactics can be settle and many times the unfair practices go unnoticed and/or unchallenged.  When this happens, the system breaks down. Money that should go to claimants become windfall-profits to the insurance company.

Afforce Law Group has obtained proceeds and coverage where the insurance company initially denied the claim. We handle disputes over the following types of insurance policies:

Personal Injury Protection [PIP]
Liability Coverage
Under or Uninsured Motorist [UIM/UM]

-Life Insurance

-Health Insurance

-Professional Liability

-Homeowner’s Insurance

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