$100,000 Limits Settlement on Motor Vehicle Collision in Snohomish County. Client rear-ended in a motor vehicle collision, suffered a torn rotator cuff. After initial denial of UIM and early termination of PIP benefits, the insurers paid the maximum limit under 1st and 3rd Party Policies.

$60,000 Settlement on a Sports Injury/School liability matter in Snohomish County. Minor suffered a concussion at swim practice due to negligence attributable to the school and the swimming pool. Case resolved at mediation.

$20,000 Settlement on a Day Care/Negligent Supervision claim in King County. For a minor client injured at the daycare playground.

$35,000 Settlement on a Sexual Harassment claim in King County. For a client who was sexually harassed by her supervisor. Settlement was reached despite delays in reporting.

$25,000 Settlement on a Wrongful Termination/Disability Discrimination claim in King County. For a client who filed an L&I claim for on the job injuries and was later laid off despite being able to return to work.

$60,000 Settlement on a Sexual Misconduct claim in King County. For a client subjected to sexual misconduct by his mental health counselor.

$60,000 Settlement on a Rear-End Auto Collision claim in King County. For a client suffering from post-concussive syndrome and wage loss.

$300,000 Settlement on a Sex Abuse Claim in King County.